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If you’re looking for better health, mental clarity and a higher state of awareness, Mindful Qigong may be the solution. Qigong meditation Sacramento classes teach how to begin cultivating ones Qi. Mindful Qigong offers a practical method to total spiritual awakening and physical excellence. With a self-healing approach.


In order to achieve better results, the first step on this path is understanding what to look for. Perhaps the most important part, is that you must learn from a lineage-based teacher or master.


Jess Wilson is a certified Qigong master that has studied under the guidance of a Grandmaster since 2006. Learning the traditional teachings of Qigong, Tai Chi, Feng shui, calligraphy, philosophy, poetry, tea ceremony, traditional Chinese medicine, and the five Chinese healing arts.


Master Wilson now teaches Qigong meditation in the Sacramento area. He strives to bridge the gap between the east and west. Demystifying the secret art of cultivating Qi. While maintaining the traditional substance of a lineage over 500 years old.


Students of all ages and health conditions will benefit from the healing effects of Qigong meditation. Private classes are ongoing. One can join anytime. No previous experience is needed.


Sacramento Qigong

About Mindful Qigong

Mindful Qigong offers Sacramento Qigong meditation classes. One of the main reasons why I started Mindful Qigong  is the fact that most people are unfamiliar with Qigong, and haven’t had the opportunity to see such a drastic positive impact in their lives.


My journey began in my late twenty’s after living a typical western lifestyle. My body and mind began to regress into health issues. I suffered from anxiety, insomnia, heart palpitations and severe back problems. Desperation set in and I was willing to try anything to resolve these health issues.


My first thought was going to the doctor. Unfortunately the side effects of the prescribed drugs only compounded the issues I already had. Western medicine was failing me and only masking the symptoms.


This was how I began my journey into a life of practicing Qigong meditation. When my aliments began to fade away I was dumbfounded how most americans were unfamiliar with such a promising solution to most of their health problems.


After years of practicing with a Grand Master I received the lineage transmission to teach. It’s amazing to help others and do what I love for a living. This passion has transcended not only my life but my family’s as well.

Sacramento Qigong


Mindful Qigong passes traditional lineage based teachings through Sacramento Qigong  classes. Training the fundamentals of cultivating ones Qi and the art of mindfulness in hour-long private sessions.



“I’ve been taking Qigong with Master for about 4 years now. When I started, I had no clue what Qigong really was. I just knew I was searching for something to make me feel better physically, but mostly emotionally. Finding myself unable to relax. I tried to meditate but calming my mind enough to even sit with myself for 2 minutes seemed an elusive dream.


Since then I have learned to be quiet with myself . The awareness of what is going on inside of me physically as well as mentally now, amazes me! Don’t get me wrong, sitting still and not letting my mind race is a challenge. But the payoff for practicing Qigong is well worth it.


By occupation, I am a massage therapist. Qigong has helped increase my awareness of my clients physical and emotional state. I practice craniosacral therapy and it helps me stay grounded. Enough to really feel what’s going on and get in tune with my client.


Over the years there have been a few times when I have thought about stopping my sessions with Master. Due to financial reasons or just because I felt like I wasn’t “getting It”. But every time I  would stop to reflect on the improvement in my mental health, awareness and my business. It was enough to keep me coming back. Also the peace that comes with learning Qigong is priceless.


I know I have barely touched the surface  in the practice of Qigong but I will continue doing the work. It is worth the effort as I can see my life becoming smoother as I go along.”

Chrissy Davis

Mindful Qigong Chrissy Meditating
Mindful Qigong Chrissy Meditating



“I have studied Qigong with Master for several  years. It’s my belief that I’ve been fortunate enough to find an authentic lineage of Qigong through Master.


At first I didn’t realize what I had stumbled into, back in 2010, when I began studying with Master. Since then I looked at other practices, often they seem to be a mixture of Tai Chi and new age stuff. In my opinion, if someone mentions a particular “Qigong form” and then relates it to a particular chakra it probably isn’t anything more than wishful thinking, but I digress.


To my understanding this lineage of Qigong is more of the internal forms (Neidan) than external. Qigong is not about just doing the techniques but rather a way of life. As part of the practice you become steeped in the Tao.


I have learned  through Master, through the lineage, that all parts of your life are connected. Your life is either smooth or it isn’t. If you are experiencing problems in one  part of your life it affects all parts of your life, because they are all interconnected.


I have also learned to become much less of a victim. In my past it would be very easy to blame others for “bad” things that would happen to me. It is now much clearer to me that I have a part in each situation and there aren’t “bad or “good” situations, just situations.


If you are looking for someone who is going to give you all the techniques up front and tell you everything is great than this is not the place for you. On the other hand, if you are prepared to do the work and make this practice your life, then welcome. For those that are ready and willing I don’t think you could find a more authentic all-encompassing lineage of Qigong.”

Jamie D.

Jamie in Horse Stance Meditation at Mindful Qigong
Jamie in Horse Stance Meditation at Mindful Qigong





Mindful Qigong

At Mindful Qigong we offer alternatives for better health and enriched quality of life, through meditation classes in Sacramento county.

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