Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Mindful Qigong uses Google Analytics on this site. Google Analytics is a software plugin that assembles data about guests that come to this site, acting like a log of visitors. Millions of other websites use Google Analytics to improve the user experience.


Google Analytics records various forms of information, such as:

  • How long you enjoy the site for.
  • Type of device you’re using.
  • The website that brought you here.
  • And other information

The scope of these activities are all part of Google Analytics Term of Service.


Text files, called cookies, are used to gather this information and are placed by a web page server into your hard drive. Viruses will not be installed on your computer via these files. Cookies are assigned unique to you, for use only on the domain that gave it. They are very common, so much so that your computer most likely will automatically accept it. You do have the option to decline them by adjusting your browser settings. Cookies are meant to improve the user’s experience, by declining them it may negatively affect features within.


We never share any personal information, unless required to in accordance with the law. ( Such as a subpoena) Any data gathered is used with the sole intent to improve this website; making it more user-friendly and to create content that is most relevant to you.


Mindful Qigong uses SSL for its site encryption protecting the security of its users and is the standard in the industry.


Links within this website may go to other sites. In turn they may have different privacy policies than Mindful Qigong. So we advise you to please read them, upon leaving our site. We are not responsible for the policies and content on other sites.


Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or want to make a comment. Your opinions matter to us.